What can AMMR do to boost your order fulfillment operations?

AMMR are autonomous mobile manipulation robots.

They can support the order fulfillment process by moving throughout the warehouse picking orders within e-commerce, retail, and other order fulfillment environments.

AMMR are not the only technology that can be applied to boost your productivity and efficiency. Many warehouses are looking for solutions to reduce the time it takes for an object on a shelf to get to the packing station. Those technologies also improve the picking accuracy to avoid returns from customers. The main question is:

“Which is the role that you want your team to have?”

Whenever you use automation in your warehouse, the most important parameter is how do you value your team. The movement of material that does not add value to the product is considered wasted movement in the eyes of the buyer. AMMR allows you to let your team concentrate in value-added tasks.

Other technologies require massive upfront investment

Fully automated warehouses have this advantage too, but they require a massive upfront investment and a clear vision of what your operations will be in 3 to 5 years. And they are not for every type of warehouse. Carousels, for instance, optimize your storing space for a huge number of smaller sized SKUs in a very small footprint as well as reducing the travel time of your pickers but if the number of order lines are just 1 or 2, the picking rate decreases.

If your stock varies in dimensions and you cannot predict how your inventory will look in 3 to 5 years from now, AMMR give you the flexibility to use your actual warehouse and boost your productivity at your own pace.

AMMR help you reduce waste, improve productivity, improve efficiency and increase scalability and flexibility.

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