3D bin picking with fingers grippers

Reconfiguring your bin picking robot for a diversity of objects, environnements and use cases without extra programming.

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Teaching robots

38% of industrial tasks are bin picking use cases

Bin picking consists in picking objects from bins and doing something with it, such as kitting, machine tending, packaging or even inventory.

Implementing a bin picking application used to takes month of programming. It is highly dependable on the object to pick, the camera and the gripper.

At the core of ILLUMO ROBOTICS, there is a Learning system for robots based on an Artificial Intelligence.

It allows a fast reconfiguration of the robot task without programming knowledge. It’s the time for prototypes and small production runs to be integrated in the same processes as bigger production runs.

Our Specialisation

Fast reconfiguration robots


Machine tending


Illumo Robotics characteristics


Our software works with all the robotic systems and has templates for each task operation.


The robots are given the capability to adapt the movement and grasp in real time based on the environment and objects.

Full customization

The robots learns from your workers and your specific products and environnements. You have the power to customize the training as you need.

Illumo Robotics

Winning Effects

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Reach new markets

You are now able to reach new markets without any additional investment thanks to robots easily adapting to any production demands

No more bottlenecks

No more bottlenecks in programming automated complex tasks

Single product automation

You are able to automate single-product manufacturing

Reduced time to market

Your time-to-market is now reduced and you can even opt for local production, all with the help of learning robots

Using Adaptive Robotics

3D vision

Robots adapt the trajectory in real time to match custom situations.

Fast reconfiguration

Thanks to its reactivity, the software reconfigures with a couple of clicks to other workspaces.

Built-in logic configuration

Besides adapting gestures, our software allows the capacity for the workers to configure the templates to do more complex tasks and adapt to different situations

Our target

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Market focus
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Supply Chain
  • Integrators
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Operators